…of style and substance

At some point in history, the Idea, the Moment and Opportunity all collide.  Which is exactly where we find ourselves.  We all need a shot in the arm through a new set of lenses from which to see the world through.

Apparatus Founder/Editor Maro Onokpise at a Wine & Cheese event hosted by Bentley Motors
Apparatus Founder/Editor Maro Onokpise at a Wine & Cheese event hosted by Bentley Motors

Nothing could be more important to us than delivering a digital publication that improves our overall taste level.  There are countless men’s publications and hundreds of blogs started each day.

We want to pick up where some of them left off. We are obsessed with the culture that surrounds style and fashion.  We want to continue to explore those conversations.  Our topics will be generated organically.  If we come across something cool or interesting that relates to our audience, we’re going to write about it.

The modern man is ready to rise to the biggest set of changes that have taken place in culture, geography, politics and knowledge in human history.  We are a global culture.

If the current generation of men on the rise looks as if they are frozen in their tracks, it may just be that they are stopped in place attempting to take on monumental amounts of new information pouring through in a digital age.

Hustle and ambition are the ingredients that will propel us into the stratosphere. JFK wanted to put a man on the moon, and he accomplished that.  Now, more than ever we need to get back to those big thinking ways.  Hustle and ambition, killer ambition aren’t pretty, but we’ll equip you with enough to take the world by the balls and make things happen.

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