The all-new Range Rover Sport officially launched earlier this week. The “do anything, go anywhere” vehicle improves on last year’s model by offering a new muscular, dynamic, modern, sophisticated, prominent, rugged aesthetic. Refined features include 23″ rims, a new nameplate-bearing panel, a 13.1” infotainment screen and 13.7” driver’s display, sculpted seating, Cabin Air Purification Pro and Meridian Signature Sound with the latest Active Noise Cancellation systems. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Andoroid Auto are standard fare. Engine options come by way of a V6, Electric Hybrid and V8 options. With the V8, Range Rover takes up BMW’s 4.4-liter twin-turbo piece for a 530 PS, 4.3-seconds to 62 MPH. Pricing starts around $97,000 USD. Head over to the Range Rover website to learn more.