Koenigsegg has unveiled the pre-production model for its fastest car now and ever, in the Jesko Absolut. Koenigsegg shared in a release “we will never endeavor to make a faster series-production road car – ever.” The Absolut model is powered by 1600 horses and over 1,100 lb/ft of torque with a “theoretical” top speed of 330+ miles per hour.

“The Absolut feels very natural to drive. Because of its seamless shifting, whether up or down, everything just happens much faster,” shared test driver Markus Lundh. “There are no delays, it is very responsive and behaves exactly the way you would want it to. We spent thousands of hours in CFD calculations. We’ve streamlined this car from not just an aerodynamic and design perspective, but also from a high-speed stability perspective. As a result, the Jesko Absolut has a phenomenally low drag of only 0.278 Cd.”