Dapper Dan and Gap have linked up for the label’s Spring/Summer 2022 ad campaign. The campaign centers around the freedom from being one’s authentic self. Dapper Dan collaborated with Gap on a limited-edition “DAP GAP” arch logo hoodie that adds a unique touch to the brand’s signature garment.

“What I wanted to do is de-stigmatize the hoodie,” Dapper Dan shared in a recent interview. “That’s why you see me with a hoodie on with an ascot. All of us in the culture wear hoodies. All of us in the culture are not the same.”

“It’s to come together and that’s what makes it so beautiful about what I can do in this space with the Gap,” said Dapper Dan. “The important part is the Gap is a crossover because you’re reaching everybody now. It’s that major crossover in fashion that’s upstairs and downstairs at the same time and everybody can feel good about wearing it.”