Many individuals in their 40s and 50s may begin to suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure. There are a number of contributing factors when it comes to this type of illness. Most suffer because of an increased amount of stress, weighing too much, and not getting enough exercise. In other words, being out of shape.

Before you find the perfect CBD strength for your needs, you need to know what hypertension is and what causes it. You will also need to take into consideration if you are taking any prescription medications before deciding to add CBD to your daily routine.

What is High Blood Pressure?

If you have ever visited the doctor or a hospital for any reason at all, you would have had your blood pressure taken by a simple machine that measures the flow of blood from the outside of your body. The two numbers are the force of the blood flow through your veins and the heart’s resting beat. Known as the systolic and diastolic pressure. 

When the pressure of your blood flow and/or the resting heartbeats become too high, then you risk damaging your arteries and then the heart itself.

Other Contributing Factors

High cholesterol can also be a contributing factor to high blood pressure and damage to your heart. Bad cholesterol or LDL is what causes plaque to build up in the arteries. When there is a build-up of plaque, the blood flow slows and therefore the body doesn’t get the blood and oxygen combination it needs to work at optimum health.

CBD and High Blood Pressure

One of the main components of getting high blood pressure under control is to get better sleep, eat healthier, and exercise. All of these things can be helped with a daily CBD intake.  

Another reason someone may want to use CBD to help with their high blood pressure is that it can open up the blood vessels to allow more blood flow. There has been limited research into this claim, but what has been studied has been positive.

Possible Side Effects

As with all medications, natural or prescription, there is a risk of side effects. Here is a limited list of possible side effects:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Risk of severe diarrhea
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Drowsiness
  • Low blood pressure
  • Liver issues
  • Interactions with prescription medications no matter what they were prescribed for

Product Choices

In terms of which CBD oil products would be best to help with high blood pressure, the preference would be up to the individual. Some people do not like the taste of CBD oil, even though there are many new and different flavors.  Another option is Gummies which are going to be pre-measured by the exact amount of CBD you need. 

Other Options for Hypertension

Try to maintain a healthy life by eating better, getting more rest and sleep, and exercising regularly. By doing these things, you are going to feel better and lose weight, which will help to lower your blood pressure. You will also need to reduce your stress as much as you possibly can.