Lux British car-maker Rolls-Royce has pulled the covers back on one of three bespoke coach-built Boat Tails. Taking inspiration from its own 1932 Boat Tail, the 2021 version has been redone from the ground up. New features include a remade rear end with wing-like covers that open up to reveal a specially-designed trunk space full of picnic equipment and other extravagant accessories.

Notable Quotes: “It’s about changing what the motorcar means, and I think one of the most profound elements of Boat Tail, is that it does that. It’s no longer a car in the way that we understand cars. It’s not about lap times, it’s not about nought to 60s. It’s not about how fast it goes around the Nürburgring. It’s about what it means and I think that’s where the romance of the 1920s, the 1930s, the golden era of coachbuilding [comes in]. That is what it represents, this notion of challenging the definition of the motorcar.” – Alex Innes, Rolls-Royce head of design for Coachbuild