Degree Deodorant is introducing everyone to the world’s first inclusive deodorant for people with visual impairment and upper limb motor disabilities: Degree Inclusive.

Why this Matters: One in four Americans has a disability, yet many products and experiences are not designed with this community in mind. Across the beauty and personal care industry, there is currently no deodorant product specifically designed for people with upper limb disabilities to use.

Notable Quotes: “As a brand that’s committed to inspiring confidence in everyone to move more, Degree believes no one should be held back from experiencing the transformative benefits of movement.” -Kathryn Swallow, Global Degree Brand Vice President. 

“Breaking stereotypes unleashes creativity and drives growth. Degree Inclusive challenges what a deodorant product should be. It’s a breakthrough accessible design that genuinely serves the needs of people with visual impairment and upper limb motor disabilities.” -Aline Santos Farhat, EVP of Global Marketing and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Unilever.  

Learn more about the Degree Inclusive initiative here.