With everyone still mulling the news about the recently released COVID-19 stimulus bill that congress took nine months to arrive at that will help individuals and small businesses, the bill also has a section that now makes illegal streaming a felony. The bill presented by Sen. Thom Tillis back on December 10th could lead up to 10 years in jail for pirated content.

According to Sen. Tillis’ website. “The law will not sweep in normal practices by online service providers, good faith business disputes, noncommercial activities, or in any way impact individuals who access pirated streams or unwittingly stream unauthorized copies of copyrighted works. Individuals who might use pirate streaming services will not be affected.”

The bill has been celebrated by members in the film industry with members of the Motion Picture Association of America releasing a statement saying: “We are encouraged that this legislation includes an expanded employee retention credit, a grant for movie theaters and an extension of the federal film, television, and live theatrical incentive. We are also pleased that the package includes the Protect Lawful Streaming Act, which protects creators, innovators, and consumers by ensuring that operators of commercial pirate streaming services face meaningful criminal penalties in appropriate circumstances.”