Canada Goose and Bosted-based Concepts are teaming up yet again to offer up a twist on Canada Goose’s classic MacMillan Parka. The two brands are combining this classic silhouette with material innovation: a water-resistant, windproof and reflective fabric – the essence of luxurious performance. 

“For this collaboration, we looked to snow, ice and albedo as inspiration to reimagine the iconic MacMillan Parka in a reflective material for a new seasonal feeling. The core of Canada Goose is a result of the elements so this was a great foundation to start with.” – Deon Point, Creative Director of Concepts

“This reflective jacket is not only functional, but we’re able to engage with the digitally native generation and offer them the ability to interact with it through photography and videography. Our favourite feature is the holographic disc, which shows the Canada Goose disc or the Concepts monogram in a subtle and seamless way, emulating the strong partnership that our brands have built together.” – Niamh McManus, Design Director, Canada Goose

The unisex Macmillan Parka retails for $1,050 USD and is available available at select Canada Goose retail stores, at Concepts’ retail stores in Boston, New York and Dubai, as well as online at and