Muse Clothing has released its latest drop for Fall/Winter 2020 with Collection 6. The unisex collection spans 15 pieces and includes the ‘Moods’ black zip-up hoodie ($72), originally custom made for Kylie Jenner, as well as the ‘What Goes Around’ karma series, ‘New Age Muse’ hoodies in three dark colorways for fall, and ‘Running Club’ sweaters and running shorts. 

Notable Quotes:

”The new collection centers on self-love, ambition and karma. These are ideas that I’m dealing with in my life right now and other people must be dealing with too. We’re eight months into quarantine, the fate of America hangs over us all every day, more people are unemployed than ever, and large portions of the world are on fire. I don’t know if it has ever felt harder to love ourselves than it does right now or to look forward and dream. That’s why I think these ideas are perfect for right now.” – Muse Founder and Designer Antony Muse

Shop Collection 6 here.