For the first time, watch and Porsche enthusiasts alike have the ability to customize a watch based on their personal aesthetic preferences, the Porsche 911 in their garage or the dream Porsche they aspire to own. With over 1.5 million design options each timepiece is a tailor-made masterpiece and the traditional production process has been completely reinvented.

All design possibilities are depicted in the web-based watch configurator that was developed based on the Porsche 911 car configurator. All customizations to the timepiece are displayed in real time until it is deemed perfect by the individual.

Just as Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur has allowed car owners to put their personal touch on a 911, the same experience is now available for premium timepieces. From the winding rotor shaped like a Porsche 911 wheel with Porsche Crest to the yarn used for the watch straps, made of genuine Porsche leather, elements of Porsche sports cars are evident in the watches and provide a direct tie to the brand’s sports car heritage.

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