Drawing on inspiration from the fact that 86% of adults state they are interested in making the switch to natural deodorant, Jerry from Netflix’s “Cheer” was recently invited to add Schmidt’s to his daily routine. To share in this journey 5 lucky fans were selected to to take part in a one-on-one video call with Jerry. Not to be outdone, 500 winners were chosen to receive one of Jerry’s favorite deodorants.

Notable Quotes:  “Wellness is super important to me so trying out natural deodorant just made sense. But, it HAD to actually work. While at home, I tried Schmidt’s for the first time and I legit smelled great even after my workouts. My entire family got in on making the switch after seeing how much I loved it, which was awesome. Schmidt’s Rose+Black Pepper is my favorite scent – it’s soft and spicy, and just smells good.”

Check out the video interactions with Jerry here.

Learn more about Jerry’s favorite scent here.