Kanye West is officially a member of the Billionaire Boys Club. According to an article published by Forbes Magazine on Friday, the Chicago native provided an ‘authentic numeric look into Kanye, Inc.’ that proves his earnings. Per the report, West’s team provided statements that showed the rapper has $17 million in cash, $35 million in stocks, $81 million in ‘buildings and improvements’ and $21 million in land.

Adidas Yeezy, the fashion collaboration between the rapper and the German sportswear brand, has a revenue worth of around $1.3 billion – making West around $140 million from sales just last year.

Despite the billionaire status deceleration, West was left unhappy with the research findings – sharing that he believes his net worth to be around $3.3 billion, rather than the $1.26 billion they have estimated.

‘It’s not a billion,’ West allegedly texted the publication Thursday night. ‘It’s $3.3 billion since no one at Forbes knows how to count.’

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