INDOCHINO is launching a limited edition collection with New York Knicks and top draft pick RJ Barrett. Barrett personally selected each of the six fabrics and two personalized linings. The RJ Barrett Collection features four bold suit fabrics and two blazer fabrics: Black Chalk Stripe Suit, Solid Red Suit, Windowpane Black Suit, Solid Steel Gray Suit, Tweed Gray Blazer and Tweed Burgundy Blazer. As with every INDOCHINO garment, each piece is fully customizable and made to the customer’s unique measurements.

“The great thing about INDOCHINO is that every single suit is made to measure — I’m a tall guy with long arms and long legs, so if you’re like me with unique sizing, everything will always fit perfectly and be customized to your personal style,” said RJ Barrett. “This is my first opportunity to develop a custom collection, and it’s been an incredible experience working directly with INDOCHINO to create this elite line. I’m proud of what we’ve created and look forward to sharing it with the world.”

“We put a lot of thought into who we would approach for our NBA ambassador, and given that RJ Barrett is not only an incredibly talented and professional young athlete, but also who is a native of Toronto, we really had to look no further,” said Drew Green, President and CEO of INDOCHINO, “And it didn’t hurt that he already had a strong sense of style. I knew that he would be capable of developing a unique, eye catching collection.”

The collection will be available for purchase online and in all INDOCHINO locations beginning tomorrow.  Learn more here.