Special Feature by guest columnist: Bonnie Bennett

Many people have heard of standing desks. However, do they help you concentrate more? We are here to answer that question and provide you with more statistics on standing desks. For those who are unsure of what a standing desk is, it is a desk which allows you to work while you are standing. They are designed to help you sit less and be more active and alert in the workplace.

Do Standing Desks Help with Concentration?

Standing desks are all the rave, however, many people shy away from them because people believe they decrease productivity. Many people are stating that sitting is the new smoking. Sitting has been linked to many diseases such as cancer and diabetes, however, has it been linked to memory or focus issues? Yes, it has been linked. Those who have a standing desk are likely to be more focused and concentrate more than those who are sitting. This goes for children in a classroom and those in the workforce.

Those who are standing at work or school are twelve percent more focused and attentive than those who are sitting around them. This helps the whole workforce become better. When people are more concentrated, they get more work done. Plus, they may even get work done faster because there are not as many distractions. If you are convinced that a standing desk would benefit you, browse furniture here.

Overall, standing desks and standing itself has a positive impact on the overall well-being of the body. Those who use standing desks report less fatigue and stress than those who remained seated all day. Those people also reported that they had more energy and drive throughout the day as well. Studies have proven that standing can help reduce anxiety and depression. This also helps people concentrate and have more energy to focus on the tasks at hand.

Standing can take some getting used to, however, studies have shown that standing does not negatively impact work productivity. It doesn’t affect typing errors or any other type of productivity. Because standing helps boost energy and improve mood, it will help productivity rather than decrease it. Those who use standing desks are more likely to produce more product and higher-quality product.

Other Benefits of Standing Desks

While you are unlikely to lose weight while at a standing desk, you may be better off for many other reasons. You could be helping yourself focus as stated above and you could be helping yourself in other ways as well. Studies have shown that those who have standing desks have better blood sugar than those who are sitting. The tests have shown that people who eat their lunch and sit back down take longer for their blood sugars to return to normal.

While you may not be losing weight, you are helping your body not gain weight. This is also helping you reduce the risk of obesity. You can burn an additional 1000 calories each week by simply standing at work.

Those who stand may have a lower risk of heart disease or complication. Those who work in an office or sit for long periods of time have a 147 percent higher risk of having heart disease than those who do not sit for prolonged periods of time. In fact, sitting is so harmful that even if you sit all day and work out for an hour, it still doesn’t make up for the negative effects of sitting throughout the day.

If you have ever heard someone who sits at a desk job complain of back pain, you are not alone. When you stand instead of sit, you are helping your back and shoulders. This could help those who suffer from chronic back and shoulder pain from sitting at a desk. There have been studies that have shown that standing has helped those who suffer from chronic or long-term back pain. Those who decided to use standing desks had a 32 percent improvement in back pain after several weeks of using the desk.

When you stand, you are going to live longer. Keep in mind that those who work sedentary jobs such as an office or desk job have a higher risk for type 2 diabetes. There is a strong link between sitting and type 2 diabetes. Plus, studies have shown that those who are living a sedentary lifestyle have almost a fifty percent higher risk of dying earlier than those who sit less. By simply reducing your sitting time by about three hours can tack on an extra two years of life.

Sitting Has Higher Risks

When you are sitting at a desk, you are at a higher risk for many different health issues. These issues can include diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular issues, premature death, or cancer. The most common type of cancer linked to sitting daily is colon and breast cancer.

Keep in mind that not sitting can mean an array of things. This could mean getting out and walking or simply pacing around the office. It could also mean that you are simply standing.

Deciding to Stand at Your Desk

While standing at your desk is better for you, it is not something that you can just switch to. There are side effects just like anything else. You cannot go from sitting all day for months or even years to standing all day. If you do this you could experience some issues. These issues include foot pain, leg pain, and/or back pain. You should ease your way into this new lifestyle. Only stand for about a half-hour to an hour a day to begin. Once you feel comfortable, you can increase your standing time.

You do not want to set a timer that reminds you to either stand or sit. This can disrupt your focus and concentration. This may also reduce your creativity as well as efficiency. Keep in mind that some items are better done while seated. This may include tasks that require tedious work or fine motor skills. Standing desks may not be the best answer for these types of jobs.

Taking a Stand

There are many reasons to invest in a standing desk and there are many reasons to be more active. Standing instead of sitting has so many health benefits for the body. It not only physically helps the body but can also mentally help the body. It can help improve the body’s metabolism, mental health, and physical health. Sitting less is very important for living a healthy life. When you decide to take a stand, you should aim for 50-50 standing and sitting time.

Bottom Line

Taking a stand may be the best thing you do for your job and your life. When you use a standing desk, you are helping improve your concentration and help boost your productivity. This is very crucial to a job but standing can also improve your overall health. While both are important, your overall health is the most important.

Spending less time sitting helps you live longer and be happier. A happier you mean more work and more concentration. The more focused you can become and the more work you can get done. Not to mention, those who utilize standing desks have more energy and less stress. When you are not tired and not stressed out you will automatically be more focused and ready to concentrate. Not to mention, if you are suffering from back pain, you are not concentrating fully on your work. Standing can help reduce those who suffer from back pain.


While we have stated the most common benefits of a sit-stand desk, there are likely more that you will notice as an individual. You may find that a sit-stand desk has more to offer than the benefits above. Each person’s body is different and will react to items differently.

When purchasing a desk for standing, you should ensure that it can adjust easily for the times you need to sit. You cannot stand all the time and it is not recommended either. Find a good desk that fits your needs. Most sit-stand desks have the option of being installed professionally to fit your needs. This may be the best option when you decide to take a stand.

Lastly, ensure that you are not going into standing too quickly as this can cause issues as well. You should always ensure that you are transitioning to this new lifestyle slowly to avoid any injury or unneeded pain. This is a way of life and it can help you. Taking a stand can be the best thing that you ever do for yourself. Your body can thank you in the end. Keep in mind that there are options for everyone. Sometimes sit-stand desks are simply not right for you. That is okay. Listen to your body and what you believe is best for you. You may even consult your doctor about the benefits of a sit-stand desk for you.