Many health dangers come with traditional cigarettes, on both the smoker and non-smokers merely passing by or in the vicinity of the smoker. Nicotine addiction is also a huge issue that many people are trying to break, and then they try nicotine patches, gum, and a hoard of over products- most to no avail. So, many people are turning to e-cigs in an attempt to find a healthier alternative to cigarettes. Let’s take a look at five advantages that E-cigarettes have over traditional cigarettes.

Are E-cigarettes truly a healthier replacement for traditional cigarettes? The jury is still out on that one, and the health experts are still debating this topic. However, E-cigarettes have these advantages over traditional cigarettes:

  1. Can help to lessen Nicotine Dependency

E-cigarettes were initially introduced to consumers back in 2003, and people trying to kick the nicotine addiction began to use them as a way to ‘wean’ off of cigarettes. There is no substantial scientific evidence to support this claim, but there are thousands of people who have successfully used e-cigarettes to stop smoking cigarettes. One study in 2017 (funded by the Cancer Research UK) yielded results showing that those who have switched from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes showed lessened carcinogen levels in their bodies in comparison to those who smoked regular cigarettes.

  1. You have more freedom with e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are more tolerated than traditional cigarettes. In some places, you will be able to use your e-cigarette where traditional cigarettes are not allowed at all. You will also be doing other people around you a favor, since the vapor from e-cigarettes is not harmful like smoke from a traditional cigarette. For a non-smoker, the puffs of smoke from the conventional cigarette can be more than just annoying- it can be harmful as well. E-cigarettes offer a less intrusive option and a wide selection of e-liquid to provide pleasant flavor for the smoker and the passers-by as well.

  1. E-cigarettes could be more environmentally friendly

Careless cigarette smokers are a nuisance to society. A hot butt flicked out the car window can start a fire outbreak, and irresponsible disposal of cigarette butts leave an unsightly mark on the environment. Whether it is a fisherman flicking his butt onto the sand because he is too lazy to carry a container to place his finished cigarettes, or a pedestrian walking on the sideroad, cigarette butts are everywhere.

  1. You could save money when you use e-cigarettes instead

Yes, the initial cost for an e-cigarette is usually higher than you would want to pay for a carton of cigarettes, you end up saving money in the long run. In fact, the run is not so long if you are a medium to heavy smoker!

  1. E-cigarettes offer more discretion

Do you know what’s worse than a smoker smelling of stale cigarette smoke when entering an elevator? When that smoker opens his mouth after smoking. Yes, the smokers’ breath is not something anybody likes- usually not even a fellow smoker. E-cigarettes do not cause that stale smoke to emanate off of your clothes or your skin, so if you make the switch to e-cigarettes, you can stop yourself smelling like a smelly ashtray.

When choosing your vape and e-cigarette brand, be sure to buy from a well-established and trustworthy company that only offers quality products.