In a recent Medium post, Ford Motor Company’s Global Director of Electrification recently penned an informative and educational post de-bunking common myths about electric vehicles as well as providing useful insights on how Ford is educating consumers interested in electric vehicles. Below is a snippet from the post.

At Ford, we’ve gone to great lengths to test our electric vehicles in extreme conditions. And while it is true that you can anticipate a partial reduction in range in extreme conditions, it is not something that is going to sneak up on you. After all, do you ever notice how you can’t travel as far on a tank of gas in the winter — or in the summer if you’re blasting the air conditioning?

That is why we are giving our vehicles bigger batteries, so you can be confident and comfortable. It means we’re creating better software designed to maximize range for when you need it. You’ll know where you stand even before you get in your vehicle. Furthermore, we will help ensure that you will have plenty of time to decide when and where to use one of thousands of charging points across the country.

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