In collaboration with Nike Basketball, Fear of God-founder Jerry Lorenzo took to his Instagram to unveil a new collection of Fear of God 1s to pay homage to his alma mater, Florida A&M University. Along with the post Lorenzo shares:

“…over the past year we’ve sampled tons of sneakers in lots of colorways, fabrics, materials, etc… i design in 3d so i have to touch and feel it before pulling the trigger. my gifts are in physicality not photoshop. there’s actually about 20 to 30 more vibes/sneakers in this box… some will see the light of day, some may forever live in this box… in an era of leaks, i’m not mad this colorway made the light of day… i actually love this orange box color cage and bone upper vibe… this shoe for was made for @famu_1887 mens/womens hoop teams… when i played baseball there in the 90’s we didnt have coordinated team shoes and we just wore whatever we could afford… playing ball at a black college in the 90’s was everything except D1. …anyhow, i said if i ever get the opportunity i’m going to make @famuathletics what michicgan and the fab 5 were to me in college or what orgegon is to kids today… so anyhow, this is a just a sample from that train of thought… not sure whether or not it sees the light of day or hits the @famuathletics teams, but thought i’d provide you with the context of the spirit behind this (sample) shoe… everything we do has reason and has foundation. we don’t move on hype. and we dont ride waves.”