Hollister Co. recently announced its support of this year’s National Bullying Prevention Month. Marking its sixth campaign, the retailer has partnered with 18-year old Natalie Hampton and her innovative anti-bullying app, Sit With Us. Hampton created the app when she was just 16 years-old and was a victim of bullying herself. Sit With Us, which aims to help students find allies and lunch buddies at school, has more than 100,000 users in eight countries.

“Sit With Us is the perfect partnership for Hollister, aligning well with Hollister’s brand value of celebrating the freedom to belong. Natalie’s work to promote kindness and inclusivity is inspiring and we know Sit with Us and Natalie’s innovative app are having a meaningful, positive impact on our customers,” said Kristin Scott, Brand President of Hollister Co. “We’re honored to help amplify Natalie’s message and promote kindness and inclusivity for National Bullying Prevention month.”

“I believe school, and especially lunch, should be fun for everyone. I am incredibly excited to be working with the team at Hollister to help spread this important message of kindness and being inclusive,” said Natalie Hampton. “This series and campaign is a perfect tie to the app and it has been great to see that the simple tool, can be effective and have a positive impact on my peers.”

Multi-platinum recording artists, Khalid and Noah Cyrus, who star in the brand’s #CarpeNow initiative for 2018, will join Hollister and Sit With to bring awareness to the brand’s anti-bullying campaign.