Interview By Starema Flood

New York Fashion Week is exciting in its own right, and even more exciting when A-List celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Jeremy Renner, Wendy Murdoch, and Olivia Palermo all sit front row for your collection. That was the scene for designer Zhu Lin of Bosideng.

A master and head for down jackets. This season’s collection showcased designs mainly consisting of functional fabrics. With a main palette of black, gray and white as primary colors pops of yellow, red, and blue were a pleasant surprise intersecting traditional and contemporary. APPARATUS Mag had the wonderful opportunity to go one on one with the designer.

What was the inspiration behind this collection?

“BOSIDENG is a Chinese brand and since we are here at New York Fashion Week I wanted to bring Chinese taste to this week. For example, Chinese traditional ink paintings, and architecture.”

Where do you draw your own personal inspiration?

“I got inspiration for this collection from attending a special occasion for a friend. I was looking at a traditional Chinese painting and wondering if I could use these elements in my design. I personally am I fan of Chinese paintings.”

Why did you decide to be a designer?

“It was really random, I wanted to be a doctor but I ended up being a designer.”

What trends can we expect to see this fall?

“This Fall/Winter you will see a lot of black, gray and white fused with reds in athleisure wear. Pants will be looser as well as cropped jackets.”

Who are your favorite designers?

“Alexander Wang and Japanese designer Yohi Yamamoto”

What tips would you give someone looking to pursue a career in fashion design?

“Fashion design requires a lot of hard work. The person must discipline themselves and stay true to their passion.”

Image by: BOSIDENG New York Fashion Week