IFROGZ has announced the Sound Hub wireless earbud family, featuring the Sync, XD2, Tone and Plugz. Each wireless earbud in the Sound Hub family features an IPX-2 water resistance rating to weather the toughest workout, in addition to including IFROGZ’s Earbud Tips for Life warranty. If the earbud tips ever become lost, worn, or damaged, IFROGZ will replace them. Other shared features include magnetic earbuds and the IFROGZ Sound Hub wireless control that clips to any shirt and removes unnecessary weight from the earbuds to provide a more comfortable listening experience

“Built upon IFROGZ’s unique Bluetooth pendant design, the Sound Hub family is our most impressive universal solution offering a variety of earbud styles and three custom sound profiles,” said Steve Bain, general manager for IFROGZ. “Certain to be a fan favorite, Sound Hub Sync not only brings Bluetooth audio to almost all devices with a 3.5mm jack, it also features three protective silicone sleeves—in red, black, and white.”

The Sound Hub family is available now at  IFROGZ.com with prices ranging from $29.99 – $49.99 and a variety of color options.