During National Bullying Prevention Month in October, AXE is partnering with rapper & actor KYLE to tackle outdated male stereotypes and harmful labels with its high school Senior Orientation workshops.

Why This Matters: Senior Orientation is part of the AXE Find Your Magic Initiative which aims to break the cycle of toxic masculinity by providing guys with resources to live more freely. 1 in 3 guys admit to bullying their peers, with 3 in 4 being the victims of those bullies themselves.

Notable Quotes: “Being involved in a program like this is especially important to me because of my own personal experiences growing up. I didn’t feel like I always fit in because I opted for the drama club instead of the football team. Because of this, I was perceived as being more sensitive by other kids my age. Now, these are the things that have made me the person and performer that I am today. I wish I had resources like this program when I was younger to tell me that it’s okay to be myself.” – KYLE

What’s Next: This October, Senior Orientation will head to two high schools, both of which will be announced at a later date.

Check out Kyle’s launch video here.