INDOCHINO has presents an adventurous and fresh look at their signature garments with the release of its Fall/Winter 2018 collection. In addition, the brand will be launching its causal clothing on September 5th. At the center of today’s news is the announcement of INDOchinos. INDOchinos are tailored for the perfect fit and customizable to suit any personal taste and style. This versatile wardrobe staple is available in four colors—khaki, olive, black and navy.

“Expanding into new product categories is something our customers have been waiting for,” said Drew Green, President and Chief Executive Officer of INDOCHINO. “We’ve spent years perfecting the made to measure suit and shirt experience by innovating our platform, our products and our differentiated direct to consumer omni-channel approach. Now, beginning with men’s chinos, we’re advancing our ability to disrupt the entire apparel industry and make perfectly fitted, personalized custom apparel the de facto choice across all categories.”

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