My quest for a healthy scalp really comes from a number of places. Namely being here in Central Florida, it is true that it is very humid. It also gets fairly hot which leads to dry skin and unfortunately dry/itchy scalp. I know its not the most sexy topic to talk about, but it is a topic worth discussing. I’ve tried just about every product on the market when it comes to shampoos and skin conditioners. I’ve eyed the bigger “blue” brands with their claims of being tuff on dandruff and easy on hair. As someone who doesn’t have much hair up top, I wasn’t necessarily sold.


That’s when I decided to give Dove Men+Care’s line up of Dermacare, Anti-Dandruff Scalp Products a try. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first. I thought here we go again, another product that smells great, but is lacking in the way of actually achieving what it claims it will do. After a few days of putting the product through its paces, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was the lineup good for my scalp, but you could actually feel a tingling sensation when you worked the product into your hair and scalp.

Every guy has at lease one obstacle standing in his way when it comes to grooming. And for some, it may be dandruff, dry scalp or just fighting to save what’s left. Nobody wants to work a bad comb-over and definitely nobody wants his shoulders looking like Shawn White just got done competing in the Winter X Games. The good news is, there’s a number of great products on the market that will help you looking and feeling your best. Give the Dermacare lineup from Dove Men+Care a try. Learn more here.

-Maro Onokpise / Editor

Dove Men + Care Fortifying 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioners make hair stronger and more resilient so that men can pursue their active lifestyles. Dove Men+Care Dermacare Scalp Dandruff Defense Shampoo + Conditioner is designed specifically for men that want dandruff relief.