With the help of Lil Yachty and others, AXE has launched the “You’re Gold” campaign. The“You’re Gold” campaign extends the AXE Find Your Magicpoint-of-view, which knocksthe one-size-fits-all idea of what a guy “should be” and other confidence killers that make guys feel less than “gold.” AXE also presents its gold squad – a group of beloved musicians, athletes, gamers and creators –who will see if they can keep their cool when the pressure is on.

Notable Quotes: “My music is all about staying positive and being yourself. We’re all gold, but it’s hard to always remember that when the pressure’s on. This project with AXE is about staying fresh when the pressure is heavy. Forget the naysayers and own it.” – Lil Yachty

Check out the launch teaser here.