L.A.-based menswear label Five Four has linked up with style icon Nick Wooster for an exclusive collection. The collection is inspired by the time Wooster spent in L.A. reflecting his “life in L.A. Highlights of the collection include reversible jackets featuring reflective fabric.

Notable quotes: “I’ve been following Nick for years and have always drawn inspiration from the confident and bold style choices he’s made. To say we’re excited to have him develop an entire collection for our Club subscription guys in addition to an e-commerce collab would be an understatement. He has a very clear vision for how to create a truly diverse wardrobe that’s based on very few building blocks which are reflected in the collection.” – Andres Izquieta, co-CEO and creative director at Five Four.

“We’ve taken really key, basic items, that I think are essential to every man’s wardrobe, striped oxford cloth shirts for instance, and given them a slight twist. The hope is that when a guy puts this on, he stops and thinks, ‘hey, someone really thought about this for me’.” – Nick Wooster

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