In case you missed the news, former New York Yankees great, Derek Jeter is now the official owner of the Miami Marlins. He made it clear that this was a “new era” for the organization. He took to his online publication The Player’s Tribune to share his thoughts about his new job. Check out the excerpt below and view the full read here.

We’re going to develop a winning culture.

The way I see it, doing things the right way, over and over, leads to sustained success. I’m not just talking about wins and losses — winning games is very important to everyone — but also about developing a winning culture throughout the organization. That’s what is most important, and that journey starts today. It will not happen overnight. But our ownership group is focused on building a team that this community can be proud of.

We’re going to celebrate the culture and diversity of this community.

This is Miami’s team. We’re committed to celebrating what makes this community great. Over time, we want you to get to know us as an organization. More importantly, we want to get to know you.