W. Kamau Bell partnered with Dove Men+Care to unveil the “Dove Men+Care 2017 Men’s Hair Census.” (PRNewsfoto/Dove Men+Care)

From man buns to hair pomade, Dove Men+Care has conducted a very in-depth study on how men feel about their hair, its health and appearance and what having a great head of hair means to them.

The study was broken up into three different categories: Grooming, Lifestyle and Relationship with Hair. Let’s first take a look at Grooming.


The most outstanding stat was that 6 out of 10 men wash their hair in 60 seconds or less. When it comes to styling, the vast majority, approximately 66% of men style their hair every day. Of those that style their hair daily, 43% use gel to style their hair. There was one common theme when it came to hair health, 60% of men wished their hair looked healthier and stronger.


Interestingly enough, a good majority of men thought that soccer players have the most notable hair. With football players coming in second. When it comes to professions, athletes, lawyers and fashion designers are seen as the ones with the best head of hair. In terms of dating, 80% of men believe their hair makes them more desirable. So exactly what would someone be willing to do to get stronger hair? It’s certainly not giving up sex. Only 1 in 10 would give up sex for a month if it resulted in stronger, healthier hair.

Relationship With Hair

The main takeaway from this study is that now, more than ever men are paying closer attention to not only their overall health, but the health of their hair as well. Despite what societal norms would have us to believe, we as guys genuinely care about the way we look and feel. Over 86% of the men that were surveyed felt that their hair is a reflection of their personal style. What about the man bun you ask? Just about everyone wishes that trend would go away. Learn more about Dove Men+Care and their complete lineup of products here.