Given the fact that we are headquartered in Orlando, Florida, like everyone else we are preparing for hurricane Irma to make landfall.  As we are all making our final preparations, we wanted to pass along some great tips to help you. Be safe everyone.

In case you lose power for a long period of time here are some good tips:

* A cooler with wheels is great to pack things in if you need to leave or walk to the store for ice.
* It’s sometimes hard to find things in a semi dark house — put things you think you’ll need in a central location
* If you don’t have lanterns / can’t find, remember you can bring the solar landscape lights inside at night.
* Boil up some pasta, toss with olive oil & store in a zip lock. Then if thepower goes out you can add whatever veggies, meat & cheese you find in the fridge & salad dressing & everyone can make their own pasta salads.
* Freeze some of your water bottles — then they are both ice and a cold drink
* Baby wipes !!! Good for everything.
* Dress appropriately during the worst of the storm. This includes having a decent pair of shoes on. Suddenly battling a tree in my house in a dress & flip flops wasn’t the best fashion choice.
*Bring a saw in the house if you can. You may need it to get out.
*Charge everything you own. Everything! Cell, tablets, i-pods, speakers & don’t forget your toothbrush and facial cleaners if you use them.
*Get some bug spray. You may be doing yard work or dealing with a broken window.
*Get some spray anti itch medicine to deal with the above bug bites. I resorted to using dog medicine.
*Baby powder helps you not stick to the sheets when it is 200 degrees.
*Get some cash. The stores may open without power & there will be no ATMs or card usage. You may also need to pay traveling helpers to cut a tree out of your way.
*Get some magazines or books. When you have no power nights are approx 17 hours long.
*A battery operated radio helps you stay connected & entertained without draining your phone battery.