The popularity of Hoverboards took the world by storm. They were the “must have” item on every gift list and gift guide. As the popularity grew, so did the controversy and dangers associated with the Lithium Ion battery. Hoverboards were catching fire and became unsafe to even travel with. Enter Mozzie.

Mozzie is a brand-new company that will change all preconceived notions of hoverboards and get things headed in the right direction. Mozzie boards are the only board to use Lithium Phosphate batteries.

Mozzie also provides 90-120 minutes of ride time and features patented TruRide “load-cell” technology. This technology ensures that both feet must be firmly placed on the board before it begins to move, making it the safest option on the market. The Mozzie boards will start shipping in September with retail pricing start at $549 USD. Jump over to the Mozzie website to learn more.

Mozzie is currently having a special “Container Sale.” Customers who log-in now can use the code “LAUNCH17” to receive $150 off their purchase while supplies last.