Lamar Odom has unfortunately found himself a punchline to many jokes.  What is no laughing matter is his ongoing battle with addiction and his inner daemons. The former Laker has found himself on the cover of just about every tabloid and on many TMZ reports. In an exclusive feature with The Players’ Tribune, Lamar Odom discusses the adversities that have plagued him, his marriage to Khloe Kardashian and more! Check out the video above and read his piece over at The Players’ Tribune here.

Here’s an excerpt from the piece.

“I told myself that I’d never go to prison. I’d never mess up like that. But you know what? Life is a lot harder than you think it’s gonna be. When you’re an addict, nothing can get through to you. I never thought I was going to die. I never thought I’d be in a coma. I didn’t think I had a problem. But then I woke up in a bed with tubes coming out of my mouth — and it was real.”