News broke just a few hours ago that Gordon Hayward turned down the Heat and the Jazz to sign a 4 year $128M deal to join the Boston Celtics. The way the league is designed where stars are joning other stars to form superteams, the move isn’t a surprise, but it’s still a difficult decision to leave a city that has embraced you. Hayward took to The Players’ Tribune to thank the fans and the city of Utah for all the love and support he has received as a member of the Utah Jazz. Below is an excerpt. Read the full letter here.

This has been the toughest decision that I’ve ever had to make in my life. This weekend has probably been the longest weekend of my life. And today … well, today has definitely been one of the craziest days of my life. But I wanted to make sure that I got this right.

As you can see, it’s taken me a while, and thanks to everyone for their patience. I can’t even begin to count the number of conversations I’ve had with my wife, Robyn, and the rest of my inner-circle, since the season ended, and all the way up to this evening — just going through every possible angle, in every potential direction.

My meetings with all three teams during this process — Miami, Boston and Utah — were just unbelievable. They couldn’t have been more impressive. Each meeting left me convinced that the team I’d just met with was the right fit. And even after I slept on it last night, while I was leaning heavily in one direction … I still wasn’t 100-percent convinced about what I wanted to do.