L.A.-based online retailer Five Four has announced a new capsule collection with NBA star Chris Paul and stylist Courtney Mays. The collection is inspired by the spirit of summer and encompasses Paul’s sense of fashion.

“Each piece is true to the DNA of my personal style. It was very important that this collection feel as close to home as possible,” said Paul. “I pulled inspiration from every section of my life. My grandfather, the first African-American to own a service station in North Carolina, was a major influence on my style and I wanted to pay homage to him by tying in herringbone prints.”

“Five Four, strives to constantly push our customer to evolve and grow with the brand,” commented Dee Murthy, co-founder of Five Four. “This is why we continue to partner with talents like Chris Paul, who we have an enormous amount of respect.”

Five Four co-founder, Andres Izquieta, added: “We want to spread the message of empowerment and no one embodies that more than Chris. Aside from being a close friend he is also a role model and we knew he would be an excellent addition to the Five Four family.”

The Five Four x Chris Paul collection is currently available for pre-order and will begin shipping on July 5th.