We have all had our share of LaVar Ball jokes and had our laughs about the $495 ZO2 sneakers. One thing that can’t be disputed is the fact that LaVar Ball loves his boys.  Lonzo Ball follows up his Father’s Day Foot Locker ad with a heartfelt letter to his father LaVar via The Players’ Tribune. Below is an excerpt from the letter.  Read the full letter here.

Dear Dad,

Over the past few months, you’ve talked a lot about me — maybe more than some people cared for. So with Father’s Day coming up I thought that writing this would be a good way for me to actually say a few things about you.

The real you — not the person everyone has seen on TV. Just, my dad…..It didn’t matter if you were coaching my team or sitting in the stands, I’ve always known you were watching me closely because I could always hear you. And that’s how it’s always been — you’re not just present, you’re involved.