Online tuxedo and suit rental brand, Generation Tux, is removing the tape measure from their fitting process. Instead of the traditional tape measure, they will now be incorporating a new algorithm that accurately determines a person’s measurements based on a series of questions.

“Removing the tape measure is a giant leap forward in terms of speed and convenience,” said Brian Webb, chief technology officer of Generation Tux. “Our customers can now complete the entire rental process in under 5 minutes, anytime, anywhere, with Internet access as the only requirement.”

“Since I started measuring guys in 1973 the main problem in the accuracy of measuring men’s clothing is the tape measure; we have eliminated it. Our new algorithm is able to instantly predict measurements more accurately than a tailor,” added founder George Zimmer. “Our competitors claim they are revolutionizing the suit rental business, but they are really just putting a technological veneer on the same old process. Our innovation is revolutionary and will actually change how people rent suits.”