heneghan peng architects and the Airbnb Environments Team have designed the newest offices of online hospitality service Airbnb, located in Dublin, Ireland. The Airbnb Environments Team incorporated a ‘neighbourhood’ concept which still reflected Airbnb’s ‘Belong Anywhere’ ethos with a choice of work spaces and configurations, but allowed for teams to gather together in one dedicated base to encourage collaboration. For example, if you’re having a stressful day, walking into Mykonos and sitting under the pergola with bougainvillea hanging around you, can really feel like a trip to the island and help settle your mind.’

Aaron Taylor Harvey, Head of the Environments Team added that “The Airbnb Environments Team believes the unplanned encounters that open new avenues of creative exploration, is something that only the physical workspace can activate. Following our collaboration on the Watermarque Building in Dublin, it’s been an honour to continue this work to create a productive work space of sharing and interactivity with Airbnb’s “neighbourhood” concept.”

The Warehouse, the new 4,000 sqm office in Hanover Quay in Dublin, will house over 400 staff, covering a range of teams from customer service to legal departments.

Design: heneghan peng Architects, Airbnb Environments Team
Photography: Donal Murphy