Snøhetta has designed the new offices of workplace software company Slack, located in New York City, New York. The design of each of Slack’s offices around the world aims to integrate elements of their local context, and Snøhetta’s design for Slack’s new NYC space is inspired by the city’s distinctive urban courtyards. Further, underpinning Slack’s mission to improve workplace efficiency is its own dedication to the well-being of their employees – an internal motto is “work hard and go home.” At the forefront of the next generation of tech offices, the design of Slack’s NYC headquarters similarly embodies their commitment to improving workplace communication and culture. A corridor connects these social spaces to the work space and meeting rooms where the Engineering and Accounts teams, the two main groups using the space, sit in an open, flexible plan. Building on Slack’s aspirations to revolutionize the virtual workplace, the design of its new physical work space promotes the same values.

Design Team: Anne-Rachel Schiffmann, Vanessa Kassabian, Aaron Dorf, Rikard Jaucis, Craig Dykers
Photography: Michael Grimm