Stromer has launched the ST1 X, its newest e-bike aimed at young and stylish city commuters. With an average distance range up to 70 miles and top speed up to 28 mph, the ST1 X makes it easy to leave traffic behind and go longer distances in a shorter amount of time. The ST1 X combines Stromer’s classic ST1 bikes with sleek design, and its award-winning premium ST2 bikes with digital connectivity.  The ST1 X boasts digital connectivity through Stromer’s Omni portal and the Stromer smartphone app. Simply unlock the bike from your smartphone, adjust the power on its integrated touch screen interface, and effortlessly drive off. The touch screen shows current speed, battery percentage, and selected pedal-assist mode. Activated through the Stromer app, the ST1 X also has fully integrated theft protection with an alarm, and an intelligent GPS system to locate a stolen bike.The Stromer ST1 X is available now starting at $4,999 in a stylish orange, charcoal or white finish. It’s available in both a Comfort model with 17-inch frame, and a Sport model with a 17-, 20- or 22-inch frame.