Coming off of their presentation at New York Fashion Week, Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow take a moment to reflect on their brief time at DKNY. In the piece by WWD, the pair look back on lessons learned and where their focus is now. Check out an excerpt from the interview below and read the full piece here.

Where are you right now psychologically, as you approach this season, the rest of your business lives?

Maxwell Osborne: As we approach this season, it was actually a difficult one. Coming off of doing two collections and Public School now being our main focus, it’s a different feeling, one we are going to have to go back to getting used to. We got so used to the DKNY piece, working on one show became a different thing. It really is a transition to come back to your own company wholeheartedly, and that is an interesting feeling.

Dao-Yi Chow: There was a lot of work that went into ramping up and preparing mentally and physically to take on DKNY. We are learning now that it’s just as much figuring out how to unwind from that, how to sort of recover from that in a sense. It certainly wasn’t just a job. We have relationships there; we just had a dinner with the art design team from DKNY a couple of weeks ago. I hope they aren’t going to get in trouble for that. There is an emotional connection. The length of time while we were there is not an indication of how quickly you’re able to drop it and leave it and move on.

Did you see the sale at all coming?
D-Y.C. and M.O.: Nope.

How did you hear?
D-Y.C.: From the press.

Were you treated fairly?
M.O.: Yes and no. When it’s something like that, a sale, what they said on paper, that it couldn’t be discussed outside of the people involved makes sense, I guess. But at the end of it, they did treat us fairly. We met with G-III and figured out what was best for us at Pubic School and our careers. We just knew that time was going to come for us. We were treated fairly at the end of the day.

It was your call to leave G-III?
D-Y.C.: Absolutely. One hundred percent.

What impacted your decision?
D-Y.C.: It was just the communication of the direction that the new owners wanted to take.

How did their goals differ from yours?
D-Y.C.: When we came on board, the conversation has always been about elevating DKNY, having this five-year plan to be able to get it back to relevancy and prominence. That includes from development standpoint to production standpoint, from the pricing standpoint, the position standpoint, everyone was aligned to where we wanted to take the collection.