You may not know their names, but you certainly know the phrase – “Damn Daniel!” Daniel Lara and Josh Holz shot to internet fame earlier this year with their viral video which ultimately became a meme. The fame died as quickly as it came, but they enjoyed life in the spotlight while making the media rounds. Both have gone back to living normal lives. Below is an excerpt from their recent Cosmopolitan interview. Check out the full read here.

On another viral Snapchat video:

Josh: Not going to happen. We can’t try to make a cool video. That’s not how viral videos start. They start as some dumbass doing some stupid crap.

On fame:

Daniel: I haven’t declined a person’s photo once. I’ve always seen myself as Daniel. I’ve never seen myself as famous or a celebrity.

Josh: You don’t want to go anywhere thinking, ‘Oh yeah, I’m famous.’ You could get so much crap for it. We haven’t changed that much.

On life and the future:

Josh: We’re blessed.

Daniel: I was living a perfect teenage life before Damn Daniel, I think both Josh and I are content with just living.