Virgil Abloh recently had a chance to share his thoughts on his work during a talk at the Apolis Speaking Series. The series is designed to bring together creatives from different backgrounds and provide insights on how they approach their respective disciplines. The topics expanded to Abloh’s OFF-WHITE brand and the cost of his clothes. Abloh shared:

“An Off-White T-shirt is like 200 bucks, and a hoodie is like $300. Don’t let Zara and Uniqlo educate you on the price of a garment because that’s not fashion. That’s McDonald’s. Your health is tied to that 99-cent nugget. Anyone who has sent a FedEx to a different country before [knows] customs and duties are a real thing. Or buying fabric or paying someone a healthy wage to make something [costs money, too]. Of course my brand is inspired by the youth, but I wouldn’t say that it’s directly made for the youth. It’s who I am.”

He also went on to share his thoughts on the current political landscape:

“How can this be a battery in the back for us? I was in Italy. I woke up and got this alert on my phone. Everyone has the same story, but I’m telling it like it’s only happened to me. Those series of words and the notification on my phone seemed surreal, like a joke, but our reality is what we make it. So I’m like f–k it, if this isn’t going to be the spark for young kids [to do more] then nothing will be.”

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