SKULPT is the world’s first and only Performance Technology device. Invented by Harvard Medical School Professor of Neurology, Dr. Seward Rutkove and built by MIT PhD Jose Bohorquez, SKULPT uses Composition Myography (the description of muscles) to send a high frequency, low voltage current into the 24 muscle groups, evaluating the quality and density of muscle tissue compared to intramuscular fat and subcutaneous fat.

Twelve active sensors translate the data into actionable intelligence, allowing athletes to definitively understand their muscle strengths and weaknesses like never before. Serious athletes and their trainers are using the information to eliminate weaknesses and improve performance, while reducing injury risk.

SKULPT is not a fitness tracker. It is a cutting-edge piece of scientific technology originally developed to track the progression of patients dealing with muscle disorders, specifically ALS among others, and provide them with the information and knowledge to treat muscular problems. Learn more here.