Fredrik Eklund in a suit of Tom Ford and the Rolex Submariner in gold.
Fredrik Eklund in a suit by Tom Ford and the Rolex Submariner in gold.

Million Dollar Listing: New York star Fredrik Eklund has had a love for New York City since visiting with his father as a young child. Now, he is one of the city’s most successful brokers and he is sharing his keys to success.

How important is money as the driving force?

– It is clear that it is fun to make money, but there is no fundamental driving force. It’s not money that makes me get out of bed in the morning. My colleague John is just the opposite.He is obsessed with money.

What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

– I’m very competitive. That’s my main motivation. Should you do something you should do it fully. When I succeed at something fully, I am better than everyone else.

Would you be able to quit work tomorrow if you wanted to? Early retire and live comfortably on the money saved.

– Nah, I do not think. However, I would not have to work in this hectic pace. My problem is that I get so restless when I’m not working. The last time we were in the Maldives with the family, I got a cramp after only a few days. But yes, the past two years have been comfortable in purely economic terms. I do not think about what I buy and do not worry about money the same way as before. But there is no astronomical sums, as many seem to think.

Do you know how much you have sold through the years?

– No. Altogether I might have sold for 5-6 billion dollars. I do not know. I become less and less interested in where large numbers. A few years ago it was really important to shout from the rooftops for all how much I have sold for and earned, but I have passed it. What does it matter, really? I never look at the price tag when buying clothes, choosing what I want from restaurant menus and book the flight and hotel I want, regardless of cost. What more do you need?

How do you invest your money?

– I have two apartments in New York, a weekend house in Connecticut and my own brokerage firm Eklund Stockholm New York in Sweden that I have never taken a penny from …

What what was your last purchase?

– I bought clothes at Tom Ford. It felt good, to finally be able to go in and buy half the store. Because I deserve it. When I am traveling I lose all economic barriers. In a few weeks we fly to Portofino in Italy and I have booked first class tickets at the Emirates. Once I get on the plane headed across the Atlantic to see my beloved family in Italy, which are the ones where the expensive airfares worth every damn penny.