We are just a few short days away from New York Fashion Week: Men’s.  Every single year this is the opportunity to get a glimpse at what our favorite designers have planned for the upcoming season. It’s also the opportunity to discover emerging brands and the designers we’ll be talking about in the months to come.  Established or otherwise, every designer is inspired by something.  Today we’re going to take a look at the collection inspirations for Perry Ellis, N-p-Elliott and LANDLORD.

New York Fashion Week: Men’s kicks off on Monday, July 11th.

Perry Ellis

GENERAL INSPIRATION: For the Spring/Summer 2017 Collection, Creative Director Michael Maccari explored the artistic concept of collage. Cultural shifts in music, politics and fashion informed the design process. Maccari sought beauty in the delicate balance of functionality and versatility, and applied this thought to both the collection and the presentation. Collage and contrast came to life in the presentation space, with models rotating among graphic elements of the collection which were translated throughout the space.

 INSPIRATION QUOTE: “Beauty is found in the delicate balance of functionality and versatility.”






GENERAL INSPIRATION: For N-p-Elliott’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection, designer Nicholas Elliott took inspiration from two seemingly unrelated places: Voltaire, the 18th Century writer who focused much of his work on the elite of his day, the Catholic Church and the aristocracy; and Elliott’s childhood crushes, alternative boys who were interested in art, philosophy and politics.

INSPIRATION QUOTE:  “I loved Voltaire for his views on the power systems of his day and that was a great source of inspiration for this collection. Not in a historical fashion sense but more of an ethos of the collection―a rebelliousness in the face of the status quo. That rebellious spirit reminds me of being an outspoken teenager.”

1 voltaire philosophy of ther collection

ss17 collage inspiration-1-4


GENERAL INSPIRATION: Spring/Summer 2017 marks LANDLORD’s second collection and the brand’s debut presentation at New York Fashion Week: Men’s. The collection draws inspiration from contemporary artist, Isa Genzken, whose work often draws upon material culture, design, consumer goods, media, architecture and urban environments. LANDLORD reinterpreted Genzken’s works by designing a collection through a Genzken-like lens―focusing primarily on the urban Industry City, the Brooklyn-based industrial complex which also serves as the brand’s design headquarters in New York.