It seems as if the one area news organizations have failed to get it right with the highly coveted millennial demographic is news and how to get these individuals to pay attention to the what’s going on in the world. Popular news site Quartz has decided to step into the ring and take on this monster by launching a new app called Quartz.

The news app unlike traditional platforms doesn’t offer you story-by-story content, but instead will send you news via text All. Day. Long.

Here is how the service works Quartz sends you messages about new stories throughout the day that look a lot like text messages; you engage with them, or don’t engage, by replying with pre-canned texts and emoji within the app. There are bells and whistles you can opt in and out of, like a end-of-day haiku at the closing bell, and you can toggle the frequency of alerts the app sends you. The idea, Quartz says, is to “put aside existing notions about news apps” and imagine what journalism would look like if it lived natively on your iPhone.

Here’s the main problem with this service and Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel summed this up in seven simple words. Snapchat users want to watch not read.   Mobile phones are much more about creating media which means visual storytelling rather than text-based storytelling is what’s going to win over the millennial crowd.  If you doubt this then, you must not be paying attention to how Snapchat is taking over.

If you’re still interested in taking a look at the Quartz app, you can download it here.