With New York Fashion Week: Men’s set to kick off in just couple of days, we wanted to give you inside look at the inspiration behind some of the designers that will be presenting next week. Each label brings a unique feel and vision to the pieces that will be coming down the runway next week.


General Inspiration: Our inspiration is drawn from nautical traditions that have been updated for the commuting urban dweller. Within this city we love, the details, textures, architecture and experiences molded our collection. The steel and the stone. The grids and the signs. The bridges that span our waterways. This is where the city meets the sea.

Inspiration Quote: “Inspired by the Modern Naviator who travels from the City to the Sea.”

NYFWM Nautica

Perry Ellis

General Inspiration: With inspiration taken from landscape images and a minimalistic representation of nature, the collection comes together with abstract prints, and a seasonless color palette, reminiscent of sun-washed, waterfront shipping containers.

Inspiration Quote:  Print and pattern are explored from a distance and upon closer inspection take on a different look- like landscapes in nature.

NYFWM Perry Ellis

Concept Korea

General Inspiration: With inspiration taken from hotels, this collection brings to life the story of people on the perfect holiday. The pieces aim to reflect both the extraordinary and the ordinary moments experienced during a hotel stay.

Inspiration Quote: “There are rests in music and commas in writing. We believe that we also need rest and commas in our lives to make our days more valuable.”

NYFWM Concept Korea