With the holiday season firmly in our collective rearview mirrors, one of the biggest hits from this past season was the “Dabbin Santa” sweater created by  2 Chainz. Just like the dance craze, the sweaters were an absolute smash and sold over $2 million worth of sweaters. His sweaters appeared everywhere from ESPN to Good Morning America. In speaking with  Forbes, 2 Chainz revealed how the sweater came about: “Me and my team were trying to come up with some successful designs to get our merch moving. We took the dab, which is a trend, and we just turned it into a business. We played around with a few designs. We realized what my fanbase wants to see.”  A portion of the proceeds will go towards his T.R.U. Foundation in order to aid those less fortunate. “I’ve had a foundation for some time. My girl and I, we’ve been trying to figure out a way to be active within the community. This was a great way to do it. I could not continue receiving those blessings without giving back at the end of the day.”