UO Journal

Retailer Urban Outfitters has launched a new print magazine entitled UO JOurnal that explores the culture and the stories behind the UO men’s brands. To celebrate the opening of theire newest store in Space 24 Twenty in Austin, TX, the inaugural issue explores the city of Austin and everything that it has to offer. All proceeds of the proceeds of UO Journal will go to support Austin-based nonprofit Attendance Records, dedicated to bringing creativity back into schools by connecting teachers and students with local writers, artists and musicians, building confidence skills that result in discovering what makes them unique. Urban Outfitters Journal features photography by Chelsea Fullerton, Devyn Galindo, Nicholas Haggard, Carey Quinton Haider, Jeff Johnson, Fahim Kassam, Kate LeSueur, Sam Muller, Duy Nguyen, Kristian Punturere, Joe St. Pierre, and Alexandra Valenti. Writing contributions from Brad Barry, Austin Bryant, Mackenzie Eisenhour, Ramona Flume, Carey Quinto Haider, and Anthony Pappalardo.

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