Coming on the heels of her wildly success sophomore album “21” and almost breaking the internet with her reintroduction to the world with “Hello”, Adele sits down for her first interview in three years with i-D. The British songstress poses for Alasdair McLellan in a monochromatic theme. A lot has changed in her life over the last three years.  She reflects on the role that Amy Winehouse played in her musical development, her rejection of fame while embracing her fans and more.  Check out the excerpt below and view the full feature here.

Unlike her first two albums, which had distinct soul, R&B and bluegrass overtures, 25 feels firmly centred in contemporary pop although there are some very decisive nods to the 70s — The Carpenters, Aretha, Carly Simon and Stevie Nicks, who she met recently at Fleetwood Mac’s 02 show. She takes great joy in reenacting their encounter. “I was sobbing all over her oh my god. I don’t really like crying in front of famous people because it’s awkward and it can make them feel really uncomfortable. But I couldn’t contain myself.”

Much has been made of the time it’s taken to record 25. But Adele wouldn’t – couldn’t – be rushed. “Sometimes I wonder if I’ve missed it by a year, bringing it back. But you know, I was being a mum. I couldn’t rush it. And you’ve got to give people a chance to miss you.” She tried to get back into the studio in 2013, going to her friend Kid Harpoon’s studio to try out some stuff. “Just for a laugh. It was a ‘dip my toe back in the water’ thing really. Me and Tom get on great, so I went in with him ’cause I knew there was no pressure. We just chatted, mainly, and got chocolate tempura. I don’t know why I wasn’t ready, I just couldn’t access myself.”

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