If your son or daughter is a class clown, you may want to encourage their antics because it certainly does pay to be funny.  Forbes has released a list of its highest-paid funny men. Despite running the last episode of his hit comedy show almost fifteen years ago, New Yorker Jerry Seinfeld lands very comfortably in the top spot with $36 million USD. Seinfeld’s earnings are bolstered by savvy syndication deals like the one he signed with Hulu for exclusive rights to the Seinfeld show. Inked earlier this year, the deal is worth upwards of $160 million USD. It’s also worth noting that Kevin Hart comes in at #2 with $28.5 million USD and Terry Fator rounding out the top three at $21.5 million. The top ten list is below:

1. Jerry Seinfeld – $36 million
2. Kevin Hart – $28.5 million
3. Terry Fator – $21.5 million
4 (tie). Jeff Dunham – $19 million
4 (tie). Russell Peters – $19 million
6. Aziz Ansari – $9.5 million
7. Louis C.K. – $9 million
8. Gabriel Iglesias – $8.5 million
9. John Bishop – $8 million
10. Dave Chappelle – $7.5 million